What does P4R do?

We are an international working group whose aims are to empower refugees to transform the places where they actually live, be these refugee camps or communities in receiving countries, into productive permaculture designed communities and enable their integration into local regions for the benefit of all.

Rosemary Morrow talks about why permaculture is a key tool for dealing with the refugee situation worldwide



Permaculture education is one of the most effective tools we can harness to empower people in refugee settings.

Follow-up & Evaluation

We ensure project success through supporting follow-up activities after courses, and evaluation throughout the project.

Our latest news from the field...

Teaching Permaculture for Refugees Training Course

P4R member Marguerite Kahrl, recently participated in this training geared towards permaculture teachers who want to teach in refugee situations. This course was funded through an Erasmus+ EU grant and was run at the Gorno Draglishte Village in Bulgaria, in ...
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P4R Reflections on 2019

To test our theory that permaculture will be an effective tool towards working together with refugees towards places of hope and transformation, this year we held a series of six Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) courses for refugees and camp managers ...
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P4R – End of Year 2019

In this brief report Rowe Morrow reviews the year 2019 just gone by, in the light of the activities in which we got involved. It has been a quite intense year for us at P4R, as you will read through ...
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Our Partners & Allies


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