What does P4R do?

We are an international working group of permaculture teachers committed to bringing permaculture to displaced people by teaching and training refugees to teach and train each other. Our aim is to support refugees in transforming the places where they live - be these refugee camps or communities in receiving countries - into productive permaculture designed communities, and ultimately to equip them for integration into local communities, for collective benefit.

Rosemary Morrow talks about why permaculture is a key tool for dealing with the refugee situation worldwide


Permaculture education

Permaculture education is one of the most effective tools to empower people in refugee settings. With its learner centred approach, and immediate on-the-ground applications, it engages refugees directly and gives them a purpose.

Teaching resources

P4R is developing and collating permaculture teaching materials and resources to address the particular needs and limitations of refugee settlements. The COVID19 pandemic heightened the need for teaching materials which can be used from a distance, such as radio, podcasts, and on-line lessons. Designed to address the PDC syllabus, the aim is to make them easily translated and applicable to all cultures.


We are developing networks among local and international refugee organisations, permaculture teachers, refugees and others working in camps and settlements. We are also engaged with other organisations that are concerned for or advocates of refugees.


In addition to teaching materials, P4R publishes reports on refugee learning in camps and settlements. Some publications are individual reports for countries and cultures; some are summarised and collated as guides in booklet form. P4R encourages teachers of refugees to submit their findings so P4R can provide more accurate and sensitive data on refugee learning and outcomes.

Our latest news from the field...

International Conference of Good Practices on Refugee Protection’s report

Last fall P4R participated in the conference ‘Meet, Share, Inspire: International Conference of Good Practices on Refugee Protection,’ co-organized by Support to Life (STL), Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) and Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe (DKH), with support of European Civil Protection ...
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Teaching Permaculture for Refugees Training Course

P4R member Marguerite Kahrl, recently participated in this training geared towards permaculture teachers who want to teach in refugee situations. This course was funded through an Erasmus+ EU grant and was run at the Gorno Draglishte Village in Bulgaria, in ...
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P4R Reflections on 2019

To test our theory that permaculture will be an effective tool towards working together with refugees towards places of hope and transformation, this year we held a series of six Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) courses for refugees and camp managers ...
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