What we do

Marguerite Kahrl describes the type of work that P4R does with refugee communities

The following are general activities we are involved in at P4R. Some of them are part of the professional services that we offer, others are side-products of our activity and functional to the formers. All our activities are informed by Permaculture Design.

  • Permaculture training, projects and workshops for refugee-centred camps, NGOs, INGOs, communities and permaculturists.
  • Consulting services for new and existing camps and communities.
  • Publications, toolboxes of methods and activities to support positive relationships between refugees, camp managers, and host communities.
  • Follow-up & Evaluation activities for camps and communities.
  • On-going Mentoring & Technological support.
  • Offer an informative website which details our services and contains a database of videos, case studies, people involved, activities that similar organizations are doing in different parts of the world, etc.
  • Networking & liaising with local associations, NGO/INGO workers and permaculturists experienced in refugee training.