Goals & Objectives

Our Goals and Objectives

Engage and support refugees, refugee communities, humanitarian organizations and camp managers, in applying scalable and adaptable permaculture design solutions to cultural, economic, ecological and social circumstances in a wide range of contexts.

Specifically, develop and facilitate:

  • Education
    through courses, workshops, conferences, printed material (booklets, leaflets, educational papers) and online resources.
  • Community development
    including introducing and facilitating participatory practices, approaches to conflict resolution, and networking amongst refugees, people working with refugees and host communities
  • Land repair and restoration
    introduce best practice for ecosystem health including climate change, land use, flood risk, and land restoration.
  • Online resource


For Refugees:
  • Use and value their experience and contributions
  • Enable and develop community self sufficiency and integration,
  • Introduce and support sustainable livelihoods.
  • For camp managers, community workers, NGOs and host communities:
  • Offer a toolbox of methods and activities to support positive relationships between refugees and host communities
  • Renew, repair, restore physical environments
For permaculturists:
  • Camps and communities in need of permaculturists
  • Database of videos, case studies, network of experienced people
  • Opportunities to get involved
  • Participation in courses designed for refugees
Our Processes are:
  • Consult with and facilitate new or existing camps and communities using permaculture ethics and principles, engaging refugees, managers and NGOs
  • Assist with special courses for people returning to their home countries (returnees)
  • Record these experiences to provide models adaptable to other situations
  • Build and maintain a website to encourage and coordinate networks and collaborations, shared publications etc.
  • Run/organise permaculture courses, support materials and expertise
  • Collaborate and/or form alliances with organisation with similar goals and ethics


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