Applying Permaculture to Camps-coming-soon

NOTE: we need to have something visual here, like a flow-chart of flow-diagram of how we work

Most camps are lost opportunities with heavy environmental, human and economic costs. With our collective experience we decided to develop the project, Permaculture for Refugees, to help alleviate suffering in refugee camps with attention to local communities receiving refugees. In the model set out by Permaculture for Refugees, even if refugees depart, the land can continue to be improved for everyone’s benefit. Similarly, departing refugees will gain learning and experience of community and land value in their new or old countries.

Probably what we need to develop for this page, is a type of flow diagram of how we see permaculture applied to camps, in the sense that we explain our workflow or explain the type of thing that we like to do when we apply PC, like how we act as consultants and teachers. For example if we are called in to teach: how do we approach the teaching?


We also need another page within this same menu ‘Project’ where we specify the same for situations in communities


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