Applying Permaculture to Camps-orig

NOTE: we need to have something visual here, like a flow-chart of flow-diagram of how we work

(I think: Antonio) This text below is more like a vision statement..not something we want here

Probably what we need to develop for this page, is a type of flow diagram of how we see permaculture applied to camps, in the sense that we explain our workflow, explain the type of thing that we like to do when we apply PC, like how we act as consultants and teachers. For example if we are called in to teach: how do we approach the teaching?

if we are called it to consult, how do we approach the consulting?

We also need another page within this same menu ‘Project’ where we specify the same for situations in communities

all in all I think that all this type of info would be better grouped under the menu ‘Services’ rather than Project.

Refugee communities are self-determining and self-regulating, and demonstrate cooperative decision-making and non-violent communication.

Education and learning exchanges are fostered;

meaningful projects and socially-inclusive shared experiences are developed.

Children and adults continue their education in nurturing environments, safe places of abundance, peace-making and love.

All residents live dignified lives, learning and sharing new and traditional skills and experience, equally enhancing and giving back to receiving communities and economies.

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