Power of Community Radio in East African Refugee Settlement

We are excited to highlight the Kakuma Kilimo Endelevu Radio Program that broadcasted permaculture lessons in Kakuma refugee camp for eight weeks in 2021. The program was in Swahili and able to reach an audience of 200,000 people within the reach of Atta Nayece Radio Station, where the program was broadcasted from. It included core lessons on the permaculture ethics and principles and delved deeper into areas of natural organic farming techniques, leadership and liberation, climate mitigation, maintaining human, animal and environmental health, and conservation and protection of indigenous seeds and ecosystems. 

The program was created by the teams at Kajulu Hills Eco-Villages, Mkulima Sasa, Kisumu City Permaculture Academy and other partners based in Kakuma refugee camp in Turkana Kenya, with support from Re-Alliance. Maurice Obuya (CEO, Kajulu Hills Eco-Villages) and the team were able to monitor and evaluate through surveys of listeners, after the radio program was conducted and recorded many changes: including increased crop diversity, establishment of new regenerative gardens, increased demand for indigenous seeds, and increased demand for basic and advanced regenerative education.

Production crew at the radio station

Community radio is an empowering and effective tool to use, in order to reach communities that aren’t usually adequately serviced, like people in refugee camps. It is an effective way to communicate important messages especially during the Covid-19 lockdowns and is a useful education tool for permaculture.

Maurice Obuya (CEO, Kajulu Hills Eco-Villages) is currently fundraising for training infrastructure which has been damaged by ravaging floods. If you are able to financially support, please go to this link for more information.