P4R has the experience and know-how to work with refugee communities in key areas of problems and potentials, to support them to a better understanding of how many low-cost strategies can be applied to greatly improve the current situation with workshops and in providing broad experience from diverse situations to obtain durable solutions

Areas of expertise

Water management systems 

‘the next wars will be fought over water’

Understanding water in terms of total system management has the potential to: harvest it, store it, redistribute it.  Also, to reduce and remove pollution; transform wastewater into a resource that can be used and reused very productively, to feed, to cool and to grow; directing a source of problems into positive productive uses (reed beds for craft material, ‘sponges’ for non-food materials if water is too polluted, or food harvest when it is clean).

Food production and maximizing the benefits
Through the application of Permaculture principles and the application of broad practical experience, P4R opens up the many opportunities that exist even in the difficult circumstances and limited space of existing camps and poorly integrated communities, for intensive food production.

P4R is primarily an educational team dedicated to supporting greater awareness of the potential of applying Permaculture to all aspects of our lives, specifically in the context of refugees. It is a central element of our work to transform the existing situation of mass sufferance and social upheaval with permaculture by using it to facilitate improvements to existing refugee camps, to assimilation of refugees in host countries, and to create new opportunities for themselves and their home countries if they return.

We also offer a wide range of themes in which we use our broad collective experience in consultation with refugee camps, other NGOs working with refugees, and with government undertakings. The specific themes are treated superficially in the context of the Permaculture courses and workshops that provide an awareness of the potential in integrating camps as more livable centers that can also provide extremely practical basis for life beyond in host countries and home lands.

However, the need for expanding on those first introductions cannot be understated in order to have the skills, capacity and knowledge to step up to the level of being capable of implementing projects. By always incorporating clear instruction and active consultation with the people involved, we hope to ensure that the ability to adapt the knowledge and experience to situations beyond where the consultation or workshop takes place.

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