Currently courses in camps are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch this space for upcoming courses. 

For those people wanting to hold courses in camps with remote teaching materials please contact us.

Recent courses which we have held are listed below.

Our past activities

From January through April P4R will be holding 5 PDC courses for refugees in Bangladesh, Turkey and Greece. At the end of April, or beginning of May, 2019 we are planning a P4R evaluation meeting at the Perma school for five days following the last of 5 PDC courses for refugees.

1 Bangladesh, 2 courses

Dates: 25 Jan – 6 Feb, 2109;  9 Feb 28 Feb, 2019

1st Dept of Agriculture for camp managers Bengalis in Bengal language – on site (Dept of Ag.)

2nd for refugees in Rohingya language (funding for 9 months for refugees teaching refugees, need monitoring input and documents. All will be responsible for establishing gardens, water management systems, etc.

2 Turkey, 1 course  Dates: March 5-22, 2019

Unaccompanied Syrian refugee women’s course, Ceve

Need: Increased budget for Turkish/Syrian women for monitoring and extension.

3 Greece, 2 courses

1st  Lesbos: For long term refugees

Participants: Antonio, Rowe

Dates: end of April May, 2019

2nd: The Permaschool beneficiaries are long-term refugees living in the region

Related Events

Evaluation meeting, Perma school, Greece

The Evaluation meeting will enable P4R to collate evidence for future funding and plan how to improve upon and scale up the project.

Dates: end of April, or beginning of May, 2019

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