Follow-up & Evaluation


After either a training or a consulting stage and design implementation, it is essential to check-in either on-line or by visiting the camp or community in person with some regularity, to see how the beneficiaries are doing, doing some quality control check, offer support on problems that maybe difficult to tackle if the hands-on experience on-site is still not enough.

This follow-up can be done ideally in collaboration with local parties/NGOs/refugees if they have the appropriate expertise in order to be cost-effective.


Evaluation is very much linked with the follow-up stage, in that by doing follow-up activities, these can lead directly to evaluating what’s been done. It is extremely important that evaluation is not left for the end of the project, but it is done all along.

Evaluation is a type of observation, and observation is one of the key permaculture design tools that is applied since the very beginning of any permaculture design project.

Before the evaluation stage can take place, success indicators need to be devised and agreed upon with all stake-holders. We make sure that these are well articulated by the time we leave after our training or consultation activities.

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