From January through April P4R will be holding 5 PDC courses for refugees in Bangladesh, Turkey and Greece. We are planning a P4R evaluation meeting at the Perma school for five days following the last of 5 PDC courses for refugees.

Bangladesh, 2 courses Dates: 20 Jan - 6 Feb, 2109;  9 Feb - 28 Feb, 2019

1st Course: Intended for host community including Bangladesh Association for Sustainable Development (BASD), government officials and camp managers, on site (Dept of Agriculture) at Ukhia camp site. Language: Bengali and English

2nd Course: Intended for refugees. Course includes a 9 months follow up period of refugees teaching other refugees. All participants will be responsible for establishment of gardens, water management systems, etc Language: Rohingya and English

Turkey, 1 course Dates: March 4-20 , 2019

Intended for unaccompanied Syrian refugee women, Ceve Language: Arabic and English

Need: Increased budget for monitoring and extension period of 9 months for Turkish/Syrian women refugees to teach other refugees.

Greece, 2 courses Dates: March 22-April 8, 2019; April 10-30, 2019

1st Course: Intended for long term refugees, Lesbos

2nd Course: Intended for long term refugees living in the region Permaschool

Related Events

Evaluation meeting, Perma school, Greece Dates: May 2-12, 2019

The Evaluation meeting will enable P4R to collate evidence for future funding and plan how to improve upon and scale up the project.