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Currently, 89 million people of the world’s population have been forcibly displaced from their homes. About 27 million are refugees who have had to flee their country, crossing borders and now living in camp settlements. 

Refugees live in some of the world’s most stressful, inhumane and difficult situations. The average time refugees spend in camps is 17 years, and some will remain in camps all their lives. Only one in a hundred asylum seekers will be accepted into a third country where they can build a permanent life.

P4R believes in the value of permaculture for a wide range of transitional situations. We believe it would benefit not only refugees, who would value it for immediate and long-term relevance, but also the land and the people of the host country.

At P4R we recognise that all types of refugee stories have their place, including those highlighting the challenges that people face while fleeing their homes and those sharing the success found by refugees in camps and host countries. Harvesting and sharing refugee stories can be a useful tool in educating and raising awareness amongst the public about the state of the refugee crisis.

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