Our Covid-19 response has been to pause face-to-face teaching overseas, and to develop and collate refugee-friendly permaculture teaching resources that address the particular needs and limitations of refugee settlements. They are designed to facilitate teaching, coaching and mentoring by host partners and others working in countries with limited resources.

All teaching materials, both digital and non-digital, are tailored to convey information in a way that is relevant, accessible, visual and culturally sensitive. Please have a look at our publications.

We are also collecting resources in refugee languages such as Arabic, Dari, French and Rohingya as well as languages which are much lesser known.

In the pipeline we have:

  • curriculum outlines
  • teaching activities
  • slide presentations of lessons
  • printable materials such as booklets and posters with teachers notes
  • illustrated guides e.g. for story-telling through radio shows and videos
  • banners and photographs

We are open to receiving and pooling materials from other sources. All materials need to allow for easy translation, and will be tested and trialled before publication.

These resources will be available to anyone.

  • Case studies
  • Teaching materials
  • Booklets
  • Reports
  • Newsletter archives