• Natalie Topa shares about her commitment to Resilience Design
    Over the last 17 years, I have been working all throughout Africa where I am based, as well as in the Middle East and South East Asia.  I came to East Africa in 2005, to bring my skills Read more
  • Support the GEN Ukraine Green Corridor Campaign
    With 3.7 million Ukrainian refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries and approximately 190,000 Russian troops in the country, the situation in Ukraine remains frightening and uncertain, yet there are stories of hope and cooperation.  According to GEN (Global Ecovillage Read more
  • Impact of the First PDCs in Refugee Camps
    P4R is on the brink of releasing a full report of the outcomes of the first Permaculture Design Certificates (PDC) courses run for refugees in refugee camps. The project of trialing PDCs in refugee settlements in a wide Read more
  • The Informal Aid Sector in the Philippines
    There is a lot to learn from countries who are already on the frontlines of climate change and dealing with disaster preparedness and response. The Philippines continues to face more and more climate emergencies and communities and organisations Read more
  • Power of Community Radio in East African Refugee Settlement
    We are excited to highlight the Kakuma Kilimo Endelevu Radio Program that broadcasted permaculture lessons in Kakuma refugee camp for eight weeks in 2021. The program was in Swahili and able to reach an audience of 200,000 people Read more
  • Low-tech with Refugees
    The project ‘Low-tech with Refugees’ aims to improve the resilience and autonomy of exiled people, whilst promoting the sustainable development of the local area, through the diffusion of low-tech skills and systems. Since 2018, when Marjolaine Bert started Read more
  • Portugal Leads Afghan Resettlement
    Please note: names or people, organisations and networks have been omitted on purpose to ensure the safety of all those involved. One of the most important things we can do during times of crisis and upheaval, is to Read more
  • Designing for Resilience and Regeneration
    Green Releaf Initiative in the Philippines supports recovering communities, especially displaced people from typhoons, teaching people how to become more resilient against future disasters. They are working on changing the narrative of DRR or Disaster Risk Reduction into Read more
  • Supporting permaculture education in east African refugee settlements
      Ethos Foundation and Permaculture Education Institute have supported over 1500 young people this year to receive free localised permaculture education in refugee camps in East Africa, distributed thousands of tools and millions of seeds, supplied hundreds of Read more
  • Integration Through Permaculture
    September 2021 saw the kick-off of a series of four Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses with refugees in Lesvos, Greece. Organised by Sporos Regeneration Institute and funded by the Emergence Foundation, the Integration Through Permaculture project gives the Read more
  • Global support for Afghan permaculturalists living with extreme danger
    By Rosemary Morrow & Ruth Harvey With the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, Permaculture for Refugees (P4R) connections with Afghanistan became a vital lifeline for our friends and colleagues there – peaceworkers, informal translators, and female Read more
  • Permaculture Ethics at Work in Malaysia
    As of the end of 2020, about 180,000 refugees and asylum seekers are registered with UNHCR Malaysia. Almost 86% are from Myanmar and from this figure, around 102,000 are Rohingyas. The rest of the refugees and asylum seekers Read more