Support the GEN Ukraine Green Corridor Campaign

With 3.7 million Ukrainian refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries and approximately 190,000 Russian troops in the country, the situation in Ukraine remains frightening and uncertain, yet there are stories of hope and cooperation. 

According to GEN (Global Ecovillage Network) Europe, while some ecovillages outside the Ukraine are welcoming refugees, so far the vast majority are being housed inside Ukrainian ecovillages, who are doing an amazing job despite many challenges. There are over 1000 people being hosted within Ukrainian communities and together with GEN Ukraine and network members, they are working hard to make new habitable spaces inside the ecovillages, as well as build greenhouses and planting more food for the coming season. 

GEN Europe is fundraising to support these ecovillages, permaculture projects and other eco-settlements hosting large numbers of internally displaced people (IDPs) and are in need of support to create safe, warm, hygienic spaces to house and feed people seeking shelter. GEN Ukraine has also created an ECOMAP, a map of ecovillages and other sustainable settlements both inside and outside Ukraine that have offered to host, creating a ‘green corridor’ where people can travel safely from one space to another. 

Please consider donating to this campaign and go to this link for further details.

GEN Europe is also sharing regular updates from Ukraine – check Letters from Ukraine II: Faith in the Future.