Supporting permaculture education in East African refugee settlements

Ethos Foundation and Permaculture Education Institute have supported over 1500 young people this year to receive free localised permaculture education in refugee camps in East Africa, distributed thousands of tools and millions of seeds, supplied hundreds of girls with handmade washable hand-made sanitary pad kits, activated ‘barefoot’ permaculture extension officers, supported the development of multiple community permaculture education farms and learning centres, sponsored the launching of an East African online refugee-led permaculture network for refugees, and ongoing refugee-led online permaculture classes, collaborated in the building of a mudbrick permaculture music studio… and more. 

‘Permaculture is a life-saving activity.’ according to a community leader in Mtendeli Camp in Tanzania.

For the past few years, I have been talking every day with the local leaders and finding ways to support their initiatives to meet their community needs through locally-adapted permaculture education and demonstration. Every dollar that is donated, goes as quickly as possible to support new courses, new gardens, tools seeds and caring for these local the leaders. I volunteer my time to organise these programs and cover the admin costs too. The money goes where it is needed the most.

Right now, the Ethos Foundation is fundraising to support programs in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda reaching so many young people each month already. There are always education programs happening, gardens starting and other amazing programs being offered.

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Image abovePermaculture teacher, Bemeriki Bisimwa Dusabe, in Rwamwanja refugee settlement, Uganda with the first ever refugee Permayouth Hub

Author: Morag Gamble, Ethos Foundation & Permaculture Education Institute