Permaculture training in a changing world

By Greta Carroll South Africa P4R members Greta Carroll and Sarah Boulle traveled to South Africa in July to facilitate two Permaculture Teacher Training courses with the Permaculture Institute of South Africa (PISA). The courses used Rowe Morrow’s teacher training curriculum and introduced new permaculture topics from Morrow’s recently published book ‘Earth Restorer’s Guide to … Read more

Climate change refugees in the developed world

Climate change is becoming more tangible in the developed world and Australia is experiencing its own internally displaced communities, its own climate change refugees. In the wake of the bushfires of 2019, the pandemic and a housing crisis, further disaster unfolded in February 2022 with severe and major flooding in the Northern Rivers NSW. In … Read more

The Informal Aid Sector in the Philippines

There is a lot to learn from countries who are already on the frontlines of climate change and dealing with disaster preparedness and response. The Philippines continues to face more and more climate emergencies and communities and organisations on the ground have learned they can’t be everywhere at once. Being able to mobilse their networks … Read more

Designing for Resilience and Regeneration

Green Releaf Initiative in the Philippines supports recovering communities, especially displaced people from typhoons, teaching people how to become more resilient against future disasters. They are working on changing the narrative of DRR or Disaster Risk Reduction into Designing for Resilience and Regeneration.   In 2019, the Global Peace Index referred to the Philippines as “the … Read more