Permaculture training in a changing world

By Greta Carroll South Africa P4R members Greta Carroll and Sarah Boulle traveled to South Africa in July to facilitate two Permaculture Teacher Training courses with the Permaculture Institute of South Africa (PISA). The courses used Rowe Morrow’s teacher training curriculum and introduced new permaculture topics from Morrow’s recently published book ‘Earth Restorer’s Guide to … Read more

Integration Through Permaculture

September 2021 saw the kick-off of a series of four Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses with refugees in Lesvos, Greece. Organised by Sporos Regeneration Institute and funded by the Emergence Foundation, the Integration Through Permaculture project gives the participants a thorough understanding of the Permaculture ethics and principles and at the same time supports them in developing their skills in … Read more

Permaculture Ethics at Work in Malaysia

As of the end of 2020, about 180,000 refugees and asylum seekers are registered with UNHCR Malaysia. Almost 86% are from Myanmar and from this figure, around 102,000 are Rohingyas. The rest of the refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia are from 50 countries such as Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Palestine. … Read more

Bringing Permaculture to Refugee Camps

by Ruth Harvey    Featured image: Camp 6, Ukhiya, Bangladesh    Over the past five years, I have become acquainted with the harsh reality of refugee camps and settlements, through visiting and working in various facilities in Nauru, Greece, Italy and Bangladesh. I was dismayed to see how powerless, depressed and aimless residents of the … Read more

Training Permaculture Teachers (TPT)

P4R member Marguerite Kahrl, recently participated in this training geared towards permaculture teachers who want to teach in refugee situations. This course was funded through an Erasmus+ EU grant and was run at the Gorno Draglishte Village in Bulgaria, in November 2019. Many people from all over Europe attended this training. The Teaching Permaculture for … Read more

The Joys and Challenges of Teaching Permaculture in Refugee Camps

In this new article, recently published in the Permaculture Magazine #100, Rosemary Morrows explains about her latest experience teaching in refugee camps, in several parts of the world. As she opens the article: “The Permaculture for Refugees (P4R) project derives from a solid conviction that permaculture provides humane, integrated solutions to the degraded and difficult … Read more

PDC in Kurdistan report

This PDC was run in the winter of 2017 in the Gawilan refugee camp, in nothern Iraq, near the city of Irbil, after this was liberated from the ISIS occupation. The course was facilitated by Rowe Morrow and Paula Paanaen.

By definition, any work in refugee camps is confusing. People don’t want to be there, they want to be home. Camp managers and NGOs are responsible for the health and feeding of residents and are little skilled in building communities. The sense is often transient despite the fact that the average length of time spent in a camp is 12 years and only 1% or less are resettled.

So anyone working in a camp must like refugees, and must be completely flexible, while knowing exactly what is valuable for the land and for the people, and what must be delivered so lives are ameliorated.

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