Malaysian Permaculture Design Course for Refugees and Community

In this new report, Rosemary Morrow tells how the last PDC course run as Permaculture For Refugees went. The course was run between June and July 2019, at the Alumni house, USCI, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We consider it our 6th PDC in our pilot project, even though it was sponsored by different organizations and was not initially part of the planned series of courses.

Malaysia has quietly accepted refugees for a long time. In recent times they took asylum seekers from Cambodia, Viet Nam and Thailand. Now they have about 200,000 from the recent inflows from Afghanistan, Myanmar, Yemen, Syria and Sri Lanka. There are also many undocumented migrants (some say five million) who are absorbed into the rural work force and, as elsewhere, are exploited.
Most of the refugees come from eastern Myanmar. Those from the west such as the Rohinga go to Bangladesh. In Malaysia are the Christian Tchin, and also the Mon. The Yemeni, as the most recent arrivals, are the most distressed as I found in other refugee camps. There are about 1000 Yemeni…..

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