Portugal, a leading example for refugees resettlement 

By Rosemary Morrow When the Taliban took control of Kabul in August 2021, a team of young peace volunteers were forced to leave Afghanistan for security reasons. An international group of friends who knew the young peace volunteers, their human rights and agriculture work, mobilized by getting them to safer countries: some have gone to … Read more

Finding safe houses for women

There are times when some groups are targeted by other power groups. This is the case of women, who are Shia, of ethnic minorities such as the Hazara in Afghanistan. For us in a relatively safe world, their stories are the stuff of nightmares. In fact, even repeating them is very fearful. Alarmed and frightened … Read more

P4R Reflections on 2019

To test our theory that permaculture will be an effective tool towards working together with refugees towards places of hope and transformation, this year we held a series of six Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) courses for refugees and camp managers in Bangladesh, Turkey, Greece and courses for Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) in the Philippines. These … Read more

3rd Permaculture Design Course at Imece, Turkey

Our third experience in teaching in refugees camps was run in Turkey, at a camp with women refugees. The course was co-taught by Rosemary Morrow, Francesca Simonetti and Marguerite Kahrl. We were hosted by Imece village. It sits on the eastern slope of a north-south valley where the wind blows 370 days a year and … Read more

The Joys and Challenges of Teaching Permaculture in Refugee Camps

In this new article, recently published in the Permaculture Magazine #100, Rosemary Morrows explains about her latest experience teaching in refugee camps, in several parts of the world. As she opens the article: “The Permaculture for Refugees (P4R) project derives from a solid conviction that permaculture provides humane, integrated solutions to the degraded and difficult … Read more