Permaculture for Refugees project outcomes

By Rosemary Morrow We found surprising outcomes from permaculture projects initiated in refugee camps and settlements following PDC trainings there in 2019. We expected to report only on: how many gardens were made and that peoples’ diets improved, however, this was too hard as the project spread too widely and too fast and we weren’t … Read more

Release of P4R booklet

New P4R Booklet by Rosemary Morrow with Ruth Harvey “Teaching Permaculture to Refugees in Camps“ It is with pleasure that we, Permaculture For Refugees (P4R), bring you the latest booklet in our series on teaching permaculture in refugee situations. It is based on our first-hand experience of trialing permaculture courses in camps and settlements in 2019/20. … Read more

P4R Reflections on 2019

To test our theory that permaculture will be an effective tool towards working together with refugees towards places of hope and transformation, this year we held a series of six Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) courses for refugees and camp managers in Bangladesh, Turkey, Greece and courses for Internally Displaced Peoples (IDPs) in the Philippines. These … Read more

P4R – End of Year 2019

In this brief report Rowe Morrow reviews the year 2019 just gone by, in the light of the activities in which we got involved. It has been a quite intense year for us at P4R, as you will read through. Hope you find it inspiring. Read on (pdf)…